Thursday, September 12, 2013

Newest Incoming Artwork

We're so excited about the adorable artwork we've received over the last week that we just HAD to share it.

We can't wait to finish making custom stuffed animals out of these children's drawings.  Stay tuned... we'll post the before-and-after pictures soon!!

As always, you can easily email or text message a pic of your child's drawing at and we'll make it into the cutest stuffed animal gift ever!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get Budsies Into Your Child's Classroom

You already know how wonderful Budsies are... but now imagine an entire classroom having their drawings come to life.  Teachers, principals, daycare specialists, even developmental therapists love incorporating Budsies into their curriculums.

What Can I Do?

Art education is massively underfunded and our children's creativity is at stake.  You can help!
  1. Send this flyer to your child's learning institution
  2. Send an introductory email to both Lisa Scott ( and your child's teacher, principal, etc.   That way we can follow up!

The School (and YOU) Get Rewards

Educational institutions that partner with Budsies receive fundraising dollars and much art supplies: both go right back to supporting your child's education.

BONUS: For every introduction that helps us partner with an institution, we'll give YOU (a) $50 Amex gift card and (b) 3 free Budsies.  That's almost $300!!!

It's a true win win for everyone: Kids get to see their creativity come to life, schools get funding to better serve the kids, and you get a special Thank You gift.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cutest Artist Budsie Giveaway

Easy to enter. Even easier to win!

We're celebrating the survival of Back-to-School season with a Budsie giveaway!

Prize Package

The winning child artist will receive:
  • One free custom Budsie stuffed animal made from their artwork
  • Framed print of their original drawing
  • Congratulatory certificate signed by CEO and Founder of Budsies
  • $25 Amazon or iTunes gift card
  • Infinite fame on!

How It Works

It's very easy to enter, and even easier to win:
  1. Take a photo of your child holding his or her drawing. Enter by 9/23/13
  2. Send the photo to
  3. We'll post it to our board on Pinterest and send you back a direct link
The photo with the highest combined Likes and Shares wins!
If you can rally your friends and neighbors, you've got a really good shot.

When Will Winner Be Announced?

The winner will be announced on September 30th