Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shrimp Comics and Cute Babies #ArtistStories

Anonymous: When my brother was 7, he made up a comic book at school which was a huge hit.  Growing up he used that comic book multiple times for creative writing at school all the way up to high school!  Legit teachers loved it.  It was called "super shrimp".

Original super shrimp artwork from brother when he was kid
My brother drew this Super Shrimp when he was 7
My brother turned 30 this year and he had his first baby... a sweet babygirl named Riley.  With her first birthday coming up, I thought what better gift then her very own super shrimp stuffed animal.  
Super Shrimp drawing with Super Shrimp stuffed animal
Made a Super Shrimp stuffed animal for brother's baby girl
Amazing I just got my package I am in shock I showed everyone of my clients today and they love it. I bet I can get you at least 10 more customers!!!  Anyway I just wanted to thank you for a truly amazing job. I am enclosing a picture of the drawing the doll and my beautiful niece who will be getting her super shrimp this September!
Little Riley - future recipient of Super Shrimp!
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!  We wish you, your brother, and your adorable niece a wonderful first birthday and a lifetime of love.

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