Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kids Draw Their Own Bedmates

Since launching Budsies, which turns kids artwork into stuffed animals, parents have sent us hundreds of photos of their children with their new Budsie friends.  Besides getting gleefully giddy every time we saw another happy face, we started seeing a trend: our toys are natural nap inducers! :)

Now I can't say it's been scientifically proven... but we certainly believe that Budsies are the best cuddly sleep aid out on the market!

Here's a sampling of adorable children sleeping with their creations.  If your child also sleeps with his/her Budsie, send us a pic and we'll add it to the list!

A Swirly Snail Makes a Great Hugger

This Octopus Uses All 8 Arms to Fend Off Nightmares

Is There Anything Cuter Than Their Matching Shirts?!?

This Boy Lost His Old Cow Plushy So Budsies Made Him a Custom Replacement

Budsies Are Essential for Peaceful Road Trips

That Crane Is Doing a Better Job of Lifting His Head Than His Own Pillow!
Sean's "Ugly Dog" Makes for a Great Car Companion (Added 6/18)